Month: June 2014


The last two days were not the greatest in terms of meeting any new women. The weather wasn’t on my side, but that can’t be an excuse. Plain and simple: I did not get out enough and did not create opportunity to meet new people.

So, I used my crutches to limp through the week. I have two fair FWBs that contact me once or twice a month, both of which coincidentally began texting me at the beginning of the week.

Brandee and Hollie are quite similar: they are ambitious, have outgoing personalities, dress appropriately, and drink responsibly. Both have a child, which helps relate and build trust, as I have my own young daughter. These two women also know the current issues in my life (and I know theirs) because we communicate well.

In terms of looks, both would be considered a 7, as they have pretty faces; the effects of child birth are, however, noticeable. Regardless, they are great girls that just need sexual attention after enduring endless hours of career and parenting responsibilities.

The best part of a FWB is not needing to work any “game” through text messaging. Once an actual friendship and mutual understanding is created, typical conversation can lead into sexting quite naturally.

As is the case in many sexual encounters, a “reason” to meet must be created. Brandee is coming to model her new bikinis for me and Hollie wants a relaxing evening with a movie.

In the end, Brandee was a no-show; I have stopped texting her and will wait until she makes contact. At that point in time, I will remind her of her flaky behaviour and demand something extra sexually (in a playful way). This isn’t like her, so I’ll let it go. Any other girl and the number would be deleted.

Hollie was able to make it. Dressed in comfy clothes, she came over for the movie. I never spend much money on a girl, so a bottle of wine and a box of chocolate is worth $20, especially when you lay it out casually and it doesn’t look like you’re trying hard. This is not White Knight behaviour…if she doesn’t drink/eat, she knows I’ll finish the bottle/box lol. In the end, we had some pretty awesome sex and I took her home at 3am.

In summary, I’ve been able to flirt with two girls that are great to have around. It is important to keep good people in your life and neither of these two are introducing problems at this point. I do need to meet new women, however, as Brandee will be outta my text messages for an indefinite period of time.

That’s my update. More to come