Online Dating for Casual Sex

Online dating is often frowned upon by Return of Kings and is viewed in this way for good reason:

1. There is no real rejection
2. Excess time editing profile
3. Easy for girls to flake

I use online dating for sex and only sex. I am not interested in taking some girl off the internet out on a date and dropping cash when I don’t have a job.

I use OK Cupid and describe what I’m looking for in the following way:

If I have contacted you in search of “casual sex”, I don’t mean to insult you by any means. I have found you physically attractive, yet interesting in such a way that I am enthusiastic about a conversation or get-together with you. I would just like to be completely honest in what I’m searching for and not “mislead” you in any way.

Should you find me attractive, let’s start chatting – if not, I do apologize if the message was unwelcome.”

That is obviously only a brief portion of my profile. I highly recommend the website below to assist in choosing the right photos.

Typically, one new girl messages me per week – sometimes she looks good, sometimes she doesn’t. When an unattractive girl sends a message, I do not respond, as I want my profile to read “Replies Selectively” in bold red letters. I want to appear as a High Value Male and this prevents me from looking like I’ll have sex with whomever contacts me.

I have a few rules:

1. Get her name immediately
2. Respond quickly, while she’s online
3. Ask for phone number within 10 messages

I’ve met some amazing girls off of online dating and do use it. At this point in time, I’m using online apps as a crutch, but my confidence is building and will directly improve my pick-up skills in real world environments.

I’ll discuss some of my encounters soon…


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