Using Women Against Women to Build Attraction


I learned something this past weekend that I intend to do again and figured it may be worth writing down.

A close friend celebrated his birthday on Saturday with a backyard keg party. Due to his marriage last year, I assumed that the prospects for single women would be minimal; add in the fact that kegs typically bring more penis to the party and you catch my drift. Suffice to say that a “date” was necessary.

Leading up to the big event, I had been texting with a girl named Priscella, who I am not especially attracted to, but enjoy chatting with. It is safe to say that she wants something from me, but I imagine it involves monogamy, which I am not ready for. Priscella was very excited to see me again at this party and was probably thinking that this was her chance to win me over. Knowing that this may be part of her plan (and fearful that I may give in sexually while intoxicated), I decided that Hollie would be a good date for the evening.

Hollie is my FWB who has admitted feelings for me, but I know she’ll get naked with me and have awesome sex after the party. She is also more attractive (7) than Priscella (5.5). I calculated the outcomes as such:

1. Priscella gets jealous and stops contacting me
2. Priscella gets jealous and attempts to increase attraction
3. Priscella concludes that I’m an asshole and causes drama

Thankfully, no social outbursts were created. Gotta be prepared though, right?

It was funny in some ways to watch Hollie and Priscella interact – it was an oddball female showdown that would take too long to describe. Imagine the Discovery Channel episode on female lions fighting for control in the pack and that’s how it all drew out.

By the end of the night, Priscella had no interest in talking to me and I was comfortable losing her from my current line-up. Was I ever startled on Monday when she upped her game with sexting and nude pics! This is completely out of character for her, so I know what has happened. She’s become more aggressive trying to set up a time to meet.


Many of my manosphere idols have spoken of social value and High Value Males. I was able to watch these “theories” as they became practical knowledge, unfolding before my eyes.

I will use this tactic again and note the results. There are two flakes in my current line-up that may respond positively to this…will write about it once it has been attempted.


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