Self-Improvement and Drastic Results


This week started on a strong note in terms of personal development and the unexpected results were astounding.

Leading in to the week, this is where I stood:

√ Eating healthy home-cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
√ Hitting the gym twice a day (strength training and then swimming)
√ Sleeping seven hours per night
√ Texting and talking to several girls

On Monday, I was accepted into a Trade School and approved for funding from the government – This is the first milestone that I have reached since swallowing the Red Pill. It is safe to say that my level of self-esteem drastically increased. What is more important, however, is the fact that I haven’t slowed down; I continue to build and build with success seeming to fall in place. The greatest improvement thus far has been my body: I have officially shed 30lbs and am seeing the outline of a six pack.

This, in turn, has surprisingly brought on attention from the girls in my current line-up and attracted one new girl. I now find it difficult to respond to their text messages as quickly as I was before. I am dedicating more time to myself… four of the eight girls are working quite hard to set up a day this week to meet with me as result of this.

The moral of the story: keep focusing on self-improvement and it will draw more women to crave me.


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