Having a Sports Car Does Not Pick Up Girls


I must admit that I drive one of the hottest cars in my city.  It is unique, has a flashy colour, produces quite the rumble, and turns heads at every single intersection. My car is so sexy, in fact, that people take photos of themselves with it when it is parked while I run errands.

When I meet other men, they automatically assume that I “pick up” so many girls with it; I would like to remove the stigma attached to driving a hot car in the hopes that young men will realize a material item does no good to you during the initial pick up (yes, the car can help during a seduction period, but not to MEET girls).

I’ll tell you what a sports car is in terms of PUA: it is a Man Magnet. It does not matter if you have an exotic, muscle, classic, rat rod, hotrod, or super sportscar…men will constantly approach you. On top of that, they may linger for quite some time and unknowingly cock block you.

What you need to know is that the “douchebag” outside the club with the cool paint job, spinning rims, or loud sound system is unlikely to meet any new women, regardless of the make or model.

I’ll tell you why you should get a sports car: FOR YOUR PLEASURE. When I found out I was going to be a father while in my first year of college, I knew that the money I earned would no longer be the money I could spend. In an effort to satisfy my dreams while matching a crushing reality, I purchased a kit car and built it up in my garage over the next several years. Here are the true benefits to owning/restoring/maintaining a high end vehicle (none of which include picking up chicks):

You are doing something for yourself
You learn an incredible amount of info
Your hands-on skills increase
Your social network (with men) expands
You bond with your child(ren) while teaching them valuable skills
You always have an ESCAPE


The rewards you reap from having a sports car are unreal. Especially when you get your children involved; my daughter and i have enjoyed every aspect of my sportscar. From oil changes and break work to car shows and beach cruises, it brings us joy. But I will remind you again that your car has nothing to do with getting the girl. In the four years I’ve owned my car, not a single girl has banged me because I built, own, or drive it. Granted, surprising a girl on the second or third date is exciting when you nonchalantly arrive at her place in it, but don’t blame your 1997 Cavalier for an inability to pick up.

Women don’t care about what you have. Would you care if she owned a:
*Thousand pair of shoes?
*70″ inch television?
*Louis Vuitton purse?
*Swimming pool?
No. You wouldn’t give a flying fuck. All you care about is how much attraction exists. And that’s all she wants too.


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