Sweet Revenge Upon my Cheating Ex

This past weekend was much more successful in terms of meeting new people and socialising. The city I live in does not offer the greatest night life and when the college/university students disappear for the summer, the dating market becomes quite bare. This was the first week of students arriving back to their dorms and new people were wandering the streets, which provided some incentive to actually go out.

I avoid the club scene because my PUA skills there stink; My ability to approach during the day at beaches, car shows, and outdoor patios is much better. But wow, am I ever happy I went to the club!

A friend-of-a-friend was having his birthday in the VIP of a usually crowded club. On this Friday, however, the place was 90% men and offered only a handful of attractive women. It worked in my favour though, as a very attractive young blonde approached me. I vaguely recognised her, but couldn’t put a name to her face.


Almost immediately, she leaned in close to talk and asked my name. “Are you blah blah’s boyfriend?” Taken back by the mentioning of my cheating ex-girlfriend, I then realized who this beautiful young woman was: my ex’s arch nemesis, Allie. You see, this pretty blonde had “stolen” my ex’s best friend, Jess, and turned her into some wild party animal, according to the ex. There was a passionate hatred between the two and it was all coming together. I had met Allie while she was out with Jess at a club many months ago; Allie interrupted a conversation between Jess and I, which resulted in me giving her a dirty look and telling her to “f*ck off”.

Allie remembered this encounter as she stared up to me and asked “why were you so mean to me when I met you?”. The words that left my mouth to answer her question blew my mind…as a newbie Red Pill patient, such harsh words were not common to use upon such a pretty girl. As our eyes met “I thought you were a bitch” was delivered in a calm, firm tone. Her reaction: she buys me a drink, apologized profusely, and toasts to a fresh start.


Allie invited me to the afterparty at a guy’s place. It was a dump and he followed her around like a lost puppy, blocking me at every opportunity. I managed to leave the house with the nickname “Dimples” and her phone number. We’ve been texting, but I haven’t managed to set a date up.


I do see, with the communication I’ve had with Allie, why my ex hates her: she’s a above average in all departments. Attractive, fit, following an awesome career, and is maintaining two jobs while in college; My ex couldn’t get her highschool diploma or hold down a job. What has attracted me the most about this young lady is her proper use of the English language in text and convo (emoticons, spelling errors, slang, and lazy writing turn me off).

The holy grail of revenge is in the scope and Jess, the former best friend, will at some point mention to my ex that Allie and I are talking. I want this so bad, but am not sure I have the skills yet. If you’ve got any advice as to how to get her out, feel free to comment.


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