Texting a Pic to Restart Conversations


Through the course of my Red Pill journey, I have learned a valuable texting technique that kick-starts stale conversations with the opposite sex. I stumbled upon this during hot/cold texting with a girl named Sharon; she is a solid 8 in terms of appearance and is the concrete definition of Attention Whore. Sharon loves the number of “likes” and the collection of comments she receives across her social media platforms when she posts a pic.

What I noticed was this: when Sharon felt like she needed a boost (not enough attention, lowered confidence, boredom, etc.) she would send me a cute/sexy pic via text. The former Beta male that I was would’ve assumed the photo was especially taken for me, but I now know that this is not the case. Regardless, Sharon is able to attract the immediate attention of the desired males in her contact list, similar to extracting preferred samples from a statistical population to skew results in your favour. She then receives the uplifting positive responses from the desired men, thus satisfying whatever need it is that she has at that moment.

Upon this realization, I considered how to use this newfound concept for my own benefit. The outcome was quite pleasant in fact.

In every man’s phone lies a particular number of stale/unanswered/flaked text conversations. Being as I had nothing to lose with any of these women, I posed in front of the mirror, dressed in a fantastic outfit as I prepared for a hot beach date. It took a few shots, but I eventually captured an attractive pic of myself that highlighted my sexy features and drew a bit of mystery as to what I’m doing (unlike most females, I do not know how to take that perfect selfie).

With a few quick strokes on my phone, the image was sent to 8 girls in my contact list that had ignored my last text. Sending this photo accomplished a few things:

× I received compliments
× I received immediate responses
× I received delayed responses (probably bored at the club once day turned to night)
× I was asked “where are you going?” “what are you doing?” and “how was your day?”


Immediate; compliment

The test run achieved a great rate of success and I have applied this to dead conversations a few times now. I don’t even care if I get a response or am ignored…it’s not like I’m starting a conversation or even asking a question. I am simply sending a pic.


Immediate; compliment; question

I have also sent out promo ads for concerts, car shows, parties, etc and waited for a response. The first girl that returns my text has the best chance of taking me to that event and some of the girls have learned this.


Delayed; brief convo; date set

As you can see, I’m not the most attractive guy, but I’m getting the convo going again with minimal effort. I’ve taken a technique used by women and applied to suitable scenarios, thus achieving my intended goal. Try this with some of your stale text messages and let me know if it works for you too.


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