Month: January 2015

Where to Meet Women During the Day

Approaching, meeting, and conversing with new women during the day is, for some cruel reason, extremely difficult for the majority of single men. Often referred to as “Day Game”, it is a necessary artistry that must be practised and perfected by the modern male in order to connect with quality women.

Typical dating advice columns will offer ridiculous locations and events to visit: dancing lessons, cooking classes, yoga, etc. It shouldn’t be necessary to commit to a program unless you’re actually interested in learning something new. Do not join these seminars or teachings in an attempt to meet new women.

A routine that I follow once every week or two provides me with enough opportunity to meet great new girls while performing daily errands.

Gas Station


I start my routine by doing what we all have to do: get gasoline. When I drive into the station, I quickly check the pumps for attractive women.

If there is a young lady that has caught my eye, I will park at one of the pumps near her. If possible, I will strike up conversation. If conversation cannot be opened up, I will finish pumping my gas when she does so I can walk into the building with her or in front of her. This gives me the opportunity to open the door for her – force eye contact, deliver your sly smile, and respond to her appropriately when she comments about opening the door.

On most occasions, there are no women that catch my eye (the particular city I live has a low population of attractive women). I ensure a pleasant visit to the gas station by only going to ones that employ good looking staff, with whom I build positive rapport with. I’ve gone on some amazing dates with gas station attendants and enjoy practising my seduction skills with them.

Cost of gas = $10

Grocery Store


The first thing I do when I enter the grocery store is head to the floral department. Slowly, calmly, I select my arrangement with the help of a florist. A few notes about selecting flowers:

• Avoid roses – so cliche
• No need to spend over $20
• Pick bright, eye-catching colours

I purchase flowers for my daughter because I enjoy seeing her face light up every time I bring them. She also loves gardening and learning about botany, so there is educational value with each experience. If you don’t have a girl to buy flowers for, buy the flowers for your mother and make sure you have a true story to go along with it.

Once I have the flowers in hand, I stroll the grocery store. The bright bouquet contrasts my rugged physical appearance; ripped rockstar jeans, clean leather jacket, and polished shoes.

There are few things that attract a woman’s eye the way a bouquet of flowers does. You will be surprised at the number of glances you receive as you stroll through the aisles picking up your dinner ingredients. You can literally see the curiosity and attraction immediately develop.

Opportunity will present itself in some fashion and you must be prepared. Be sure to have a crafty response when questioned “who are those for?”

Cost of flowers = $11

Liquor Store


My favourite place to strike up conversation is in the aisles of the liquor store. Select upper scale stores located in busy parts of your city; avoid dumpy or unpopular retailers.

I have found liquor stores to be the easiest place to start friendly dialogue, practice flirty behaviour, and set up dates. Bring your fresh bouquet of flowers in with you to help draw a bit of attention to yourself.

Cost of bottle of wine = $9

Book Store


My final stop before going home or hitting the gym is at a book store. Again, I may have the flowers in my hand while browsing the shelves.

Beginning casual conversation with a quality woman is simple and easygoing – there are plenty of topics that you can discuss when surrounded by so many books. Making eye contact here is
effortless as well.

Cost of a trendy magazine = $5

That sums up my day game approach. At no point am I harassing any of these women or coming off as creepy. I’m simply running regular errands with a bit of a strategy and doing so for around $35.