Month: June 2015

Leaving Your Hometown for a Better Life


When life gets tough, you can sit and hammer it out or you can leave completely. This article will provide the blueprint to packing your bags, uprooting your life, and starting over. So, how do you hit the reset button?

Analysing your situations, possible outcomes, and potential gains/losses should lead you to your conclusion. This may take several days and require the use of an excel spreadsheet or writing it all down. Then ask yourself a few questions:

Can I solve all of these?

How much time, energy, and money will the solutions cost?

Will it make me happier?

You may find that standing up and fighting the issues in your life will suit you. If you discover that going to war against your problems is a fruitless venture, it is time to plan your escape.

Now that you’ve made an educated decision, you must focus on your new plan. Fear and lack of commitment are the reasons that men stay in unhappy conditions – not money or relationships.

This is a dual-part effort on your behalf: concentrate on your goals while slowly removing yourself from the people, places, and things that will have no value once you’ve left.

Visualize everything: packing your belongings, your new career, the goodbyes, boarding the plane or train, arriving at your destination, and exploring your new city. Think about these moments frequently – daydream about how good it will feel to start fresh. Keep yourself on track with your new plan by staying focused.

Withdraw from everything that does not have an impact on your future goals.



Take the time to investigate multiple cities in regard to a few things:

• Career prospects
• Forecasted growth
• Rental or housing prices
• Cost of living
• The women living there

All of this information is easily obtained from Google searches.

Calculate risks
There are uncertainties that you must consider and plan for:

• Tax differences in a new state or province
• Climate changes that can affect your body (allergies, skin conditions, etc)
• Weather patterns/dangers that may interrupt your work schedule

Moving to a new city also means that it is time to review your will; this is of utmost importance should something terrible occur.

Burn Bridges
As described in Sun Tzu’s miraculous text The Art of War, “When your army has crossed the border, you should burn your boats and bridges, in order to make it clear to everybody that you have no hankering after home.”

As a self-motivation tactic, burning bridges with people can be valuable in your drive forward. If they’ve proven to be more of an obstacle to your success than an ally, it may be best to abruptly end the “friendship” with some well chosen words. My personal favourite is “I no longer respect you as a person” as it ends the relationship in a concrete, unquestionable fashion.

Sell Your Assets
To further promote your commitment and motivation, sell those assets that you cannot bring with you on your journey. Why pay for storage for items that you’re not suppose to come back to anyway? It may be difficult or even crushing to part with some of your belongings, but it must be done.

Exit Strategy


You must include a contingency plan in your scheme in the event that your objectives are not met. You need to prepare for outcomes that cannot be foreseen and be confident that the back up plan is an acceptable alternative.

*** I moved 3,600km from my hometown in February 2015. I have literally doubled my income, have a stronger network of friends, and am enjoying my life in ways not possible in my previous location. It takes a solid plan to achieve your goals.