So a new chapter begins…

As I rest on this couch, I ponder my recent failures and successes which have led to this moment. I have allowed a beta behaviour to bring me to my knees and loathe in self-pity. This is the beginning of a “beta male” becoming an alpha; this is my journey as I swallow the red pill.

To understand the main character in any piece, a reader must become intimate with the individual’s underlying persona – and here begins the story of me:

At the age of 25, I came back to my hometown with the swagger of success that many young gentlemen of my age do. The song “The Boys are Back in Town” should provide the vivid imagery I’m after. It did not take long for me to land a cool job in one of Canada’s largest cities, just an hour commute from my hometown. Shortly thereafter, I began a relationship with a sexy young woman (definitely a 9) who I figure I’ll spend my life with. Add in a hot car, playful vacations, crazy house parties, and you now have my background. Oh, and then there is my daughter, but that’s a different story.

As the years passed and life changed, my beta personality began to shine through. I was a gentleman to my lady, a supporting friend to those in need, and a passive salesman in the workplace. My charming personality and “nice guy” reputation became the foundation of the man I was.

The man I “was”, is a failure.

Rather than drag through the details, I shall present history in a condensed list. I mean, really, short-form summary works well sometimes:

1. Future wife screws my best friend
2. Lose friends
3. Lose job
4. Lose house
5. Lose confidence, control, and direction

Here I sit. On my mother’s basement couch. At the age of 30.

Progress has been made; much of my gain can be attributed to Return of Kings and the strong messages that the contributors have delivered so kindly to me, the Beta Male. I’ve put women on a pedestal, backed down from opportunity, feared rejection, and allowed poor people into my life.

Follow me as I track my ups and downs as record to the world: the Red Pill mentality is necessary for male survival in today’s society.



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