Fucken Flakes

Organize the Flakes


The quote above vividly describes the current outbreak of flaking in the dating world. For those unfamiliar, flaking can be defined by the following actions:

Intentionally ignoring texts/calls
Last-minute date cancellations
Lack of commitment to meeting

Each girl feels as though her act of flaking is a harmless manoeuvre, with no real consequence or damage created. Unfortunately, each girl contributing their flaky behaviour has snowballed, resulting in daily avalanches. It is now socially acceptable for women to flake with absolutely no repercussion.

Granted, there are many valid reasons to flake on a guy. After all, many men really have no idea how to communicate with the opposite sex. The flakes discussed within this article are the young ladies that have a steady following of men and have a choke-hold of their dating market. It does not describe women who are uninterested, consider you a friend, or are actually attracted to you.

It is difficult to predict, understand, and/or relate to flaking from a male standpoint. This leaves only “prevention” as a possible solution to the epidemic that technology and sexual liberation has brought upon us.

Organising your contacts in your phone based on flaking behaviour is valuable for a few reasons:

#1. First of all, your subconscious mind will be prepared. You have named her “Flake Amanda” which will remind you of her past behaviour, assisting in how you choose to respond when a message/call comes in.

#2. When scrolling through your contact list on a Friday night, you won’t even bother contacting the girls with the first name “Flake”. Why set yourself up for rejection while providing them with an ego boost?

#3. You have something to show her if you run into her. This tactic is cheap and childish, but so is flaking. At some point in the conversation, show her the list of girls you have in your ” Flake File” and point her out. Women think that they’re all unique and special; showing her that she’s just the same as every other 20-something robs her of that distinction. Don’t be an asshole about it – be cool, nonchalant, and careless.


#4. Creating this list will motivate you to go out and replace flakes that have made the list. Knowing that you will no longer communicate with her may light that fire under your ass to ask for numbers.

#5. It is a step in the right direction in terms of communication and efficiency. This isn’t the solution to worldwide flakes, but you’ll find yourself dealing with less bitch behaviour and moving on much quicker.

This form of prevention works and will be of benefit to anyone dealing with constant flaking.


Calling Out a Flake


When a girl flakes (last minute cancellations, delayed text replies, and the pathetic no-show behaviours), it stirs the mind. How do you restart the convo? Do you even bother? More importantly, how can I prevent it from happening in the future?

Every single girl that I have communicated with since January (10 months ~20 girls) has flaked at some point and a raw solution does not appear available. One of the undeniable truths of Red Pill Theory is that the young western women in this generation have countless options; each man is like a fluctuating currency in a trading market, with our value being pegged against her fly-by-night emotion or need rather than a firm ideology. Where a currency exchange has forms of stability, her male trading market reaches peaks and valleys with the flow of competing male attention and adjusts according to her irrational mood.

In a trial-and-error approach, I called out Brandee for flaking. When I decided to do this, I had reached the point where I no longer cared if she were in or out of my life. Her complete lack of respect (as evidence by flaking) had pushed me away and I no longer felt attraction. For some reason *attention whoring* she continued to text and call me, which I found bothersome. Here is our convo:


She is obviously insulted when I call her a flake. I immediately respond with a logical and truthful statement. It’s quite funny to see how quickly she changes her mind and admits to it! Her response “I know. I know” goes unanswered for three days.

When she does initiate contact, I waited an hour and let her know I was busy doing my own important stuff. She then steps up to invite me to “chill this week”.

All in all, I’ve learned that I can call a girl out for flaking when I no longer care. I do keep in mind that she’s only a 7, although she has 4+ betas chasing her. I’ve since met with Brandee for two hours of steamy sex and drank her booze…I think I’ll call the next girl out too and ask for another bottle lol.