Texting Techniques

Organize the Flakes


The quote above vividly describes the current outbreak of flaking in the dating world. For those unfamiliar, flaking can be defined by the following actions:

Intentionally ignoring texts/calls
Last-minute date cancellations
Lack of commitment to meeting

Each girl feels as though her act of flaking is a harmless manoeuvre, with no real consequence or damage created. Unfortunately, each girl contributing their flaky behaviour has snowballed, resulting in daily avalanches. It is now socially acceptable for women to flake with absolutely no repercussion.

Granted, there are many valid reasons to flake on a guy. After all, many men really have no idea how to communicate with the opposite sex. The flakes discussed within this article are the young ladies that have a steady following of men and have a choke-hold of their dating market. It does not describe women who are uninterested, consider you a friend, or are actually attracted to you.

It is difficult to predict, understand, and/or relate to flaking from a male standpoint. This leaves only “prevention” as a possible solution to the epidemic that technology and sexual liberation has brought upon us.

Organising your contacts in your phone based on flaking behaviour is valuable for a few reasons:

#1. First of all, your subconscious mind will be prepared. You have named her “Flake Amanda” which will remind you of her past behaviour, assisting in how you choose to respond when a message/call comes in.

#2. When scrolling through your contact list on a Friday night, you won’t even bother contacting the girls with the first name “Flake”. Why set yourself up for rejection while providing them with an ego boost?

#3. You have something to show her if you run into her. This tactic is cheap and childish, but so is flaking. At some point in the conversation, show her the list of girls you have in your ” Flake File” and point her out. Women think that they’re all unique and special; showing her that she’s just the same as every other 20-something robs her of that distinction. Don’t be an asshole about it – be cool, nonchalant, and careless.


#4. Creating this list will motivate you to go out and replace flakes that have made the list. Knowing that you will no longer communicate with her may light that fire under your ass to ask for numbers.

#5. It is a step in the right direction in terms of communication and efficiency. This isn’t the solution to worldwide flakes, but you’ll find yourself dealing with less bitch behaviour and moving on much quicker.

This form of prevention works and will be of benefit to anyone dealing with constant flaking.


Has She Given You a Personalised Ring Tone?


We all know about custom or personalised ring tones that we use to organize our contact list – it certainly isn’t something new. The question, however, is if YOU have a special ring when your messages are received by her.

As a few of us gathered for drinks at my FWB’s place, an interesting sound rung through the room during one of those quiet moments: a hissing rattlesnake. Brief laughter followed and then the explanation: my FWB’s ex-boyfriend was contacting her. This got me thinking… what’s my ring tone?

Although not as powerful as the senses of sight, smell, taste, or touch, the association placed on sound can spark memories or change moods. These simple noises can cause or deter a girl from responding to your text messages on a subconscious level. It’s safe to say that you want a positive ring tone attached to your name.

After a few minutes of pondering, I gracefully sent a message to Hollie in an attempt to withdraw the information I wanted. Here are a few inconspicuous ways to send a text message while in the same room, without creeping her out:

1. Send a blank message “by accident”
2. Send a funny pic/gif/video
3. Attach a link to an article she’d be interested in

Make sure that you’re within earshot of her phone so you can capture the sound that she attributes to your name.

I was flattered when my test was performed: not only did Hollie ignore the hissing rattlesnake and instinctively avoid her phone, she reached for her cell almost instantly when she heard my text. Her body language literally changed in response to the specific ringtone set for me (a happy, upbeat song).

I conducted a social experiment over the course of the next few days on five girls that I’m currently seeing. The results were not worthy of a Harvard study, but is worth checking out on the girl(s) you’re interested in. I am in different stages with all of these young women, and was able to draw a few conclusions below. Listen to see if she has a variety of sounds, which signifies that she does organize her contact list. Facebook, Tinder, Email, etc have their own custom notifications, adding difficulty to the experiment.

Phone is on Silent
•She has other guys chasing her and is avoiding conflict with you, playing game on them, and hiding something. Note: if this is your LTR girlfriend and her phone is always on silent, she’s cheating.

•She respects you enough that she is committing her full attention to the time spent with you.

•She forgot to turn on volume

Ring Tone that came with Phone
• You’re not important enough yet to be categorized.

•She doesn’t organize her contact list

•That this article applies to you

Custom Ringtone
•You’ve been organized and now need to find out in what category. Did you meet over Tinder? Because all the other Tinder guys get that sound. Are you falling into the Friend Zone? If your ringtone is the same as her BFF, you’ve got problems.

•She likes you and has done something to differentiate you from other contacts.

•That she did this by accident

Personalised Ringtone (Special Sound)
•She’s attracted in one way or another. You now need to find out if there are other guys with the same ringtone

•If the ringtone is personalised with something special between the two of you, she’s falling for you. If it is something lame, like R2D2 from Star Wars, you may be going in the wrong direction.

•That you’re competing with many other men

The important thing to take from all of this is getting a personalised ringtone. After sending my blank text, pic, or article, I began negging all five girls over their choice of ringtone that they had given me (whether they gave me one or not). It was fun and playful, led to flirting, and concluded with me getting exactly what I wanted: a ringtone that will stimulate the desire to pick up her phone and respond to me.

Come up with a few sexy ringtones and get it attached to your name. I’m already being rewarded by enacting this change and you’ll see the difference too.

Texting a Pic to Restart Conversations


Through the course of my Red Pill journey, I have learned a valuable texting technique that kick-starts stale conversations with the opposite sex. I stumbled upon this during hot/cold texting with a girl named Sharon; she is a solid 8 in terms of appearance and is the concrete definition of Attention Whore. Sharon loves the number of “likes” and the collection of comments she receives across her social media platforms when she posts a pic.

What I noticed was this: when Sharon felt like she needed a boost (not enough attention, lowered confidence, boredom, etc.) she would send me a cute/sexy pic via text. The former Beta male that I was would’ve assumed the photo was especially taken for me, but I now know that this is not the case. Regardless, Sharon is able to attract the immediate attention of the desired males in her contact list, similar to extracting preferred samples from a statistical population to skew results in your favour. She then receives the uplifting positive responses from the desired men, thus satisfying whatever need it is that she has at that moment.

Upon this realization, I considered how to use this newfound concept for my own benefit. The outcome was quite pleasant in fact.

In every man’s phone lies a particular number of stale/unanswered/flaked text conversations. Being as I had nothing to lose with any of these women, I posed in front of the mirror, dressed in a fantastic outfit as I prepared for a hot beach date. It took a few shots, but I eventually captured an attractive pic of myself that highlighted my sexy features and drew a bit of mystery as to what I’m doing (unlike most females, I do not know how to take that perfect selfie).

With a few quick strokes on my phone, the image was sent to 8 girls in my contact list that had ignored my last text. Sending this photo accomplished a few things:

× I received compliments
× I received immediate responses
× I received delayed responses (probably bored at the club once day turned to night)
× I was asked “where are you going?” “what are you doing?” and “how was your day?”


Immediate; compliment

The test run achieved a great rate of success and I have applied this to dead conversations a few times now. I don’t even care if I get a response or am ignored…it’s not like I’m starting a conversation or even asking a question. I am simply sending a pic.


Immediate; compliment; question

I have also sent out promo ads for concerts, car shows, parties, etc and waited for a response. The first girl that returns my text has the best chance of taking me to that event and some of the girls have learned this.


Delayed; brief convo; date set

As you can see, I’m not the most attractive guy, but I’m getting the convo going again with minimal effort. I’ve taken a technique used by women and applied to suitable scenarios, thus achieving my intended goal. Try this with some of your stale text messages and let me know if it works for you too.