Leaving Your Hometown for a Better Life


When life gets tough, you can sit and hammer it out or you can leave completely. This article will provide the blueprint to packing your bags, uprooting your life, and starting over. So, how do you hit the reset button?

Analysing your situations, possible outcomes, and potential gains/losses should lead you to your conclusion. This may take several days and require the use of an excel spreadsheet or writing it all down. Then ask yourself a few questions:

Can I solve all of these?

How much time, energy, and money will the solutions cost?

Will it make me happier?

You may find that standing up and fighting the issues in your life will suit you. If you discover that going to war against your problems is a fruitless venture, it is time to plan your escape.

Now that you’ve made an educated decision, you must focus on your new plan. Fear and lack of commitment are the reasons that men stay in unhappy conditions – not money or relationships.

This is a dual-part effort on your behalf: concentrate on your goals while slowly removing yourself from the people, places, and things that will have no value once you’ve left.

Visualize everything: packing your belongings, your new career, the goodbyes, boarding the plane or train, arriving at your destination, and exploring your new city. Think about these moments frequently – daydream about how good it will feel to start fresh. Keep yourself on track with your new plan by staying focused.

Withdraw from everything that does not have an impact on your future goals.



Take the time to investigate multiple cities in regard to a few things:

• Career prospects
• Forecasted growth
• Rental or housing prices
• Cost of living
• The women living there

All of this information is easily obtained from Google searches.

Calculate risks
There are uncertainties that you must consider and plan for:

• Tax differences in a new state or province
• Climate changes that can affect your body (allergies, skin conditions, etc)
• Weather patterns/dangers that may interrupt your work schedule

Moving to a new city also means that it is time to review your will; this is of utmost importance should something terrible occur.

Burn Bridges
As described in Sun Tzu’s miraculous text The Art of War, “When your army has crossed the border, you should burn your boats and bridges, in order to make it clear to everybody that you have no hankering after home.”

As a self-motivation tactic, burning bridges with people can be valuable in your drive forward. If they’ve proven to be more of an obstacle to your success than an ally, it may be best to abruptly end the “friendship” with some well chosen words. My personal favourite is “I no longer respect you as a person” as it ends the relationship in a concrete, unquestionable fashion.

Sell Your Assets
To further promote your commitment and motivation, sell those assets that you cannot bring with you on your journey. Why pay for storage for items that you’re not suppose to come back to anyway? It may be difficult or even crushing to part with some of your belongings, but it must be done.

Exit Strategy


You must include a contingency plan in your scheme in the event that your objectives are not met. You need to prepare for outcomes that cannot be foreseen and be confident that the back up plan is an acceptable alternative.

*** I moved 3,600km from my hometown in February 2015. I have literally doubled my income, have a stronger network of friends, and am enjoying my life in ways not possible in my previous location. It takes a solid plan to achieve your goals.


Where to Meet Women During the Day

Approaching, meeting, and conversing with new women during the day is, for some cruel reason, extremely difficult for the majority of single men. Often referred to as “Day Game”, it is a necessary artistry that must be practised and perfected by the modern male in order to connect with quality women.

Typical dating advice columns will offer ridiculous locations and events to visit: dancing lessons, cooking classes, yoga, etc. It shouldn’t be necessary to commit to a program unless you’re actually interested in learning something new. Do not join these seminars or teachings in an attempt to meet new women.

A routine that I follow once every week or two provides me with enough opportunity to meet great new girls while performing daily errands.

Gas Station


I start my routine by doing what we all have to do: get gasoline. When I drive into the station, I quickly check the pumps for attractive women.

If there is a young lady that has caught my eye, I will park at one of the pumps near her. If possible, I will strike up conversation. If conversation cannot be opened up, I will finish pumping my gas when she does so I can walk into the building with her or in front of her. This gives me the opportunity to open the door for her – force eye contact, deliver your sly smile, and respond to her appropriately when she comments about opening the door.

On most occasions, there are no women that catch my eye (the particular city I live has a low population of attractive women). I ensure a pleasant visit to the gas station by only going to ones that employ good looking staff, with whom I build positive rapport with. I’ve gone on some amazing dates with gas station attendants and enjoy practising my seduction skills with them.

Cost of gas = $10

Grocery Store


The first thing I do when I enter the grocery store is head to the floral department. Slowly, calmly, I select my arrangement with the help of a florist. A few notes about selecting flowers:

• Avoid roses – so cliche
• No need to spend over $20
• Pick bright, eye-catching colours

I purchase flowers for my daughter because I enjoy seeing her face light up every time I bring them. She also loves gardening and learning about botany, so there is educational value with each experience. If you don’t have a girl to buy flowers for, buy the flowers for your mother and make sure you have a true story to go along with it.

Once I have the flowers in hand, I stroll the grocery store. The bright bouquet contrasts my rugged physical appearance; ripped rockstar jeans, clean leather jacket, and polished shoes.

There are few things that attract a woman’s eye the way a bouquet of flowers does. You will be surprised at the number of glances you receive as you stroll through the aisles picking up your dinner ingredients. You can literally see the curiosity and attraction immediately develop.

Opportunity will present itself in some fashion and you must be prepared. Be sure to have a crafty response when questioned “who are those for?”

Cost of flowers = $11

Liquor Store


My favourite place to strike up conversation is in the aisles of the liquor store. Select upper scale stores located in busy parts of your city; avoid dumpy or unpopular retailers.

I have found liquor stores to be the easiest place to start friendly dialogue, practice flirty behaviour, and set up dates. Bring your fresh bouquet of flowers in with you to help draw a bit of attention to yourself.

Cost of bottle of wine = $9

Book Store


My final stop before going home or hitting the gym is at a book store. Again, I may have the flowers in my hand while browsing the shelves.

Beginning casual conversation with a quality woman is simple and easygoing – there are plenty of topics that you can discuss when surrounded by so many books. Making eye contact here is
effortless as well.

Cost of a trendy magazine = $5

That sums up my day game approach. At no point am I harassing any of these women or coming off as creepy. I’m simply running regular errands with a bit of a strategy and doing so for around $35.

Going for the New Years Kiss


With New Years Eve fast approaching, an article regarding the big day seems not only worthy, but necessary.

It is a strong desire in both sexes that we ring in the new year with the people we are happiest with. Whether it be our boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, husbands, wives, or crushes, we feel a deep need to spend the evening with them.

New Years Eve can be a struggling time for single men, however, as we chase our crush during an event-filled Christmas season. With so many holiday commitments and financial obligations, solidifying the plan with the girl you want to be with can be a painful endeavour.

Aside from time restraints due to family functions (lower bonding and seduction opportunities) and decreased funds attributed to excessive spending, the most critical part of setting up your NYE date with her will be this: alternatives.

Some single men will have a plethora of New Years destinations available to them; all single women will have this abundance of invitations. Depending on the number of men attempting to court your young lady, her options are quite open.


If you haven’t begun to do so, you need to express your interest in spending this important night with her. In doing so, you must find out what kind of event she wants to attend. A few important questions:

• House party, gala event, or club?
• With close friends, acquaintances, new people, family, or a small group?
• What kind of outfit does she want to wear or has already purchased?

The answers to these questions will help you attract her to the venue that she envisions. If you don’t already know this, her outfit of choice is an extremely vital indicator of what she wants to do.

Once you’ve established the way in which she hopes to spend the night, you must use your research skills to find a special place and use your social network to see who may join you. Once a variety of options are potential possibilities, contact her with your game plan. Remember: you need to make the decisions and plans for the entire evening. No Plan = No Date because men are expected to have their shit together. Your competing males will probably not think far enough ahead to consider a safe ride home (you, taxi, limo, friends, etc) and appropriate sleeping arrangements, so make sure this is presented in your plan.

If the young lady appears interested or welcomes any type of invitation, you are on a good path. Avoid seeing this as a concrete night together unless all signs point to such, as many women in today’s dating world feel free to flake out if a better opportunity comes about. If her responses to your invitation do not seem optimistic, she has a NYE plan that doesn’t involve you, so you may as well give up now.

The New Years Eve Kiss at Midnight


As I reflect on my failures and successes of 2014, I am able to recognize that the first 24 hours of the previous new year had a great impact on my life.

You see, I had managed to get a beautiful young woman I had been crushing on to join myself and another couple to celebrate the night. The tickets were purchased, a decent hotel was booked, and everything had been arranged. We had a spectacular evening – the drinks were plentiful, the dancefloor rocked, and our interactions were playful. I brought failure and disappointment as the clock struck zero…when I kissed her on the cheek.

I got nervous (fuck, I was nervous the whole night) and rather than risk rejection, kissed her politely on the cheek. The way she would’ve felt this was weakness – I did not go after what I wanted. We spent the remainder of the evening as “friends”, even though that was not what we came as.

Do not make the same mistake that I made. If you have googled ” should I kiss her on New Years Eve” and landed here, then this is your answer: she has decided to spend New Years with you, so yes, go for the kiss.

For future events of this nature, do what athletes do when they play big games: visualize. Try to predict where you will be, what the environment will look like, and what her body language says in those dying seconds of the year.

Go for the Kiss on New Years Eve

Being Aware of Hypergamy – Part 2



hypergamy (haɪˈpɜːɡəmɪ)

1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) a custom that forbids a woman to marry a man of lower social status
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) any marriage with a partner of higher social status

The easiest way to understand hypergamy is too view it as a consistent drive to upgrade to the most desirable relationship.

The traditional definition describes the occurrence in terms of marriage; due to changes in the dating world for those of us in the 21st century, consider its application for modern day relationships.

Although the term is directly associated with monetary value of the potential spouse/mate, hypergamy stretches beyond income and assets. In the western world, a woman is able to discard her current mate to secure a relationship with a male of higher status whenever such opportunity arises. The evolutionary psychology behind this theory is that a female must find a male with the best ability to provide for her offspring, regardless of investments and commitments made to her current boyfriend/fiancé/husband.

Whether the new man has:
A – the current/potential resources that will provide for her (aka the “nice guy”)
B – the ability to take resources from
others (aka the ” bad boy”)
this woman, of any age, can leave her partner with no guilt or consequence.

When a wife cheats, you rarely see her leave for someone of lower status. When a relationship ends, the next boyfriend is typically an improvement over the previous.

I completely support this strategy behind mating. Although it is not widely accepted as a true model (some relationship experts and modern feminists cast their doubts upon its existence), hypergamy presents frequently upon this generation and I understand why women would use it, notwithstanding the fact that it may be a subconscious manoeuvre. In all reality, who doesn’t want the best possible life partner?

This constant drive to upgrade to a better man, however, leaves behind many disgruntled, confused, and heartbroken males, who often feel emasculated several years after the event occurred.

So…How Can Hypergamy Help Men?

It is up to men to strive to improve. At no point can we become stagnant in our personal development… hypergamy has the potential to creep in if we allow it to. Our girlfriend/wife/lover will feel forced to abandon us for a man that can be a “better provider” for her. This means that hypergamy has an underlying benefit: it should force men to invest in themselves.


The Red Pill has become a necessary male reflex to changes in social dynamics. Our “Self-Improvement Movements” are an excellent defence against hypergamy because you will prove to yourself and to your lover that you are the most valuable man available.

Being Aware of Hypergamy – Part One

Hypergamy is a frequently discussed topic among the Manosphere. For those unfamiliar, here is the Wikipedia definition:

Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as “marrying up“) is the act or practice of marrying someone wealthier, or of higher caste or status than oneself. Although the term is not gendered, it is generally used by social scientists to refer to women marrying higher-status men, rather than to men marrying higher-status women.


Although frowned upon by many men and women (sometimes causing outright anger), it is a common occurrence across the globe. Being aware of hypergamy will have a positive effect on your self-improvement goals and your overall dating life.

Through the summer of 2014, I had numerous relationships with some truly wonderful women. To recall, here is a quick rundown of where I was at that point in time:

• I had no job and was not in school
• I had moved back to my parents’
• I outcasted myself from old friends
• I was partying like a rockstar
• I was completely irresponsible

In all reality, I had nothing to offer a potential mate: no security, income, or assets that would be appealing for any type of long-term relationship. My physical appearance was, however, above average and included sexually-inspired clothing, a dedicated fitness routine, and proper grooming.


Regardless of all the negative qualities, I met new women of higher social status on a weekly basis and, remarkably, was able to maintain outstanding “Friends With Benefits” bonds. Three of these women owned their own home, most had their own car, and they all held important positions within their careers. Although I didn’t marry any of these women, I used hypergamy and its core structure as a dating tool to get with high status women. Keep in mind, I wasn’t very high up the totem pole.

During our encounters, my gas was usually paid for (I always drove) and bottles of wine or vodka supplied before going out. More often than not, the girls also purchased drinks for me. In essence, there was a complete role-reversal within my dating world.

How did I do this?

Women are getting bored. They are getting bored with today’s “man”. Most of the men they meet are unimpressive and uninteresting.
* If any female readers disagree with the above statement, please comment.


In exchange for gasoline and alcohol I provided excitement and mind-blowing sex. That is it.

Between the Nurse, the Executive Assistant, and the Store Manager, they all wanted one thing: exhilaration. They craved the thrills of the evening and anticipation of orgasmic sex. And how could I blame them? They slaved for hours on end in their careers and came home to Netflix marathons or boring Tinder dates. I would steal her on a Wednesday after work, get tipsy at her place, tease her mind and body, and then take her somewhere she had never been, thus making her wait even longer for the sexual experience she desired from me.

In the following articles, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hypergamy as they apply to men.

The Red Pill and True Love

An excellent article was written this week in the Business Insider by Emily Smith regarding the scientific equation to true love; Here is the link. I highly recommend digging into it on your own, but have cut several points out to discuss further, as the information is quite valuable.

Of all the people who get married, only three in ten remain in healthy, happy marriages, as psychologist Ty Tashiro points out in his book “The Science of Happily Ever After,” which was published earlier this year.


This statistic did surprise me initially – I had always assumed more couples live in a happy state. We struggle to find a compatible mate, investing a great part of ourselves into finding and developing a meaningful bond. I would expect more than half of those yearning for love to commit to each other on a daily basis, but have discovered in my own pursuit of happiness, that this is not necessarily the case. Suffice to say, the infidelity that exists in this generation is only growing.

Social scientists first started studying marriages by observing them in action in the 1970s in response to a crisis: Married couples were divorcing at unprecedented rates. Worried about the impact these divorces would have on the children of the broken marriages, psychologists decided to cast their scientific net on couples, bringing them into the lab to observe them and determine what the ingredients of a healthy, lasting relationship were.

Psychologist John Gottman was one of those researchers. For the past four decades, he has studied thousands of couples in a quest to figure out what makes relationships work. 

…In 1990, he designed a lab on the University of Washington campus to look like a beautiful bed and breakfast retreat.

He invited 130 newlywed couples to spend the day at this retreat and watched them as they did what couples normally do on vacation: cook, clean, listen to music, eat, chat, and hang out. And Gottman made a critical discovery in this study — one that gets at the heart of why some relationships thrive while others languish.


The information that follows is vital to your current or future relationship. It does not matter if you’re rich or poor, male or female, or heterosexual or homosexual. Upon reading this, flashbacks of your past relationships will flow through your mind as you identify with the research and make connection to failure/success.

Throughout the day, partners would make requests for connection, what Gottman calls “bids.” For example, say that the husband is a bird enthusiast and notices a goldfinch fly across the yard. He might say to his wife, “Look at that beautiful bird outside!” He’s not just commenting on the bird here: he’s requesting a response from his wife — a sign of interest or support — hoping they’ll connect, however momentarily, over the bird.

The wife now has a choice. She can respond by either “turning toward” or “turning away” from her husband, as Gottman puts it. Though the bird-bid might seem minor and silly, it can actually reveal a lot about the health of the relationship. The husband thought the bird was important enough to bring it up in conversation and the question is whether his wife recognizes and respects that.

People who turned toward their partners in the study responded by engaging the bidder, showing interest and support in the bid. Those who didn’t — those who turned away — would not respond or respond minimally and continue doing whatever they were doing, like watching TV or reading the paper. Sometimes they would respond with overt hostility, saying something like, “Stop interrupting me, I’m reading.”

These bidding interactions had profound effects on marital well-being. Couples who had divorced after a six-year follow up had “turn-toward bids” 33 percent of the time. Only three in ten of their bids for emotional connection were met with intimacy. The couples who were still together after six years had “turn-toward bids” 87 percent of the time. Nine times out of ten, they were meeting their partner’s emotional needs.

In that moment, the easy response may be to turn away from your partner and focus on your iPad or your book or the television, to mumble “Uh huh” and move on with your life, but neglecting small moments of emotional connection will slowly wear away at your relationship. Neglect creates distance between partners and breeds resentment in the one who is being ignored.


I recognize and relate to it so well that it was startling; both great and poor relationships with past girlfriends came to mind when recalling this equation. In future relationships (short-term and long-term), I will pay attention to these “bids” in an attempt to satisfy my partner and to monitor her feelings toward me – I suggest that you do the same.

Stop Taking Your Clothes off… Have Her do it


You’ve found the girl that you want, have approached her, immediately escalated the connection, and you know that her carnal hunger is real. She’s ready, so you whisk her back to your place.

The kisses are passionate and you can’t keep your hands off of each other. You quickly make your way to the bedroom where the real fun begins. You touch and tease while removing every last article of her clothes, exposing her bare breasts, tight tummy, and freshly shaved pussy.


At this point in time, most men will drop their drawers and leap into the bed.


How much pleasure did you receive as you removed each article of her clothing? How sexy was it as piece-by-piece her sexy body was revealed? Wasn’t it better than opening a Christmas gift? Of course it was.

When you rip off your clothes so quickly, it’s like watching other people open gifts at Christmas – sure it’s nice and all, but you’re not able to share in the joy and excitement. Give her the gift of unwrapping your body.

As you stand over her while she is on the bed, you appear dominant and she submissive. At this point in time, you are in complete control: she is naked, waiting anxiously for your next move.


“Get over here and strip me”
“Come here. Take my shirt off”
“Get the fuck up and take this off”

The dominance you express will give her tingles while the visual stimulation will drive her mad.

Women are not required to do too much in the bedroom. Telling her to tear your clothes off gets her wet because it is new/different, it puts her in a submissive role, and it gets her more involved in the foreplay.

Another benefit to commanding her in this way is the fact that, as a Red Pill man, you spend a great deal of time and effort on your fitness regime and healthy eating habits. Let the girl admire and appreciate all of your hard work.

Take note: this won’t work unless you maintain a frame of dominance throughout the entire encounter. If you’re the typical nice guy, you’re going to come off as a creep or lazy in the sack.


The Unspoken Golden Rule of Dating


I stumbled upon a “golden rule” of dating that women apply that not only caught my attention, but blew my mind when I realized the truth behind it. As men, we often neglect to view the world from other perspectives and are oblivious to some of the tactics used by the opposite sex.

This is the unspoken fact that modern women can count on: “One of the Golden Rules of dating is that you can always fuck a hotter guy than you can get a commitment from.”

The simplicity behind it is amazing. At the same time, the information is gut wrenching.

I need not dig into this golden rule; knowing that it is an element of dating and relationships is valuable enough.

In an effort to uncover more of these “golden rules”, I scoured the internet for women’s dating advice. Here is the unedited collection of advice that female pick-up artists have passed along through websites, blogs, etc. to the girls of this generation.



Only put in 30% effort.

Make him come to you. This is especially true for the first few dates. If you go to his house on the first date instead of him coming to pick you up, I have two words for you, Booty Call.

You should not accept a date on Wednesday or Thursday for that weekend. You are a busy woman.

Let your man pay. If he is interested, he is interested enough to ensure you eat well and get home safely in a cab.

Always keep a guy waiting and never turn up early. It is a lady’s prerogative.

If he is available Tuesday, you are available Thursday.

Dating one man at a time, will only allow you to find one loser at time

Avoid two things in life: cheap shoes and cheap men

Be a Responder, not a Hunter. Hunters are men. You are not a man.

Busy is just “Busy”– don’t explain. Be happy and aloof when explaining that you are busy for the night.

Never be available when he wants you to be.

Use pet names such as “honey” or “sweetheart” to avoid mixing up their names when dating multiple guys.


Want to hook up? Do it.

Never ever sleep with a guy until he has fallen for you.

When on vacation, slut it up hardcore if you know you never have to see him again


Never return a call or text immediately.  Remember, you are busy, busy, busy.

Wait at least four hours to answer a text

Don’t answer after midnight

Always respond with fewer words than he’s texted to you.

Wait 24 to 48 hours to confirm a friend request from him and NEVER write on his wall or ‘like’ his status updates.

Never be at the end of a phone when he calls and always let him leave a message or two first before replying.

 Granted, not all women will take these tidbits of advice to heart, nor will they apply them to every single man. The female sex does use “game”, just like we do though.

I am, however, hoping to discover more of these unspoken golden rules that exist. If you know of any, please add them to the comments to assist other young men that are on the journey. As one website wrote: “Just like with children who will tell you they don’t want rules, men function much better and are happier with them.”

Pfft, yeah…

Sweet Revenge Upon my Cheating Ex

This past weekend was much more successful in terms of meeting new people and socialising. The city I live in does not offer the greatest night life and when the college/university students disappear for the summer, the dating market becomes quite bare. This was the first week of students arriving back to their dorms and new people were wandering the streets, which provided some incentive to actually go out.

I avoid the club scene because my PUA skills there stink; My ability to approach during the day at beaches, car shows, and outdoor patios is much better. But wow, am I ever happy I went to the club!

A friend-of-a-friend was having his birthday in the VIP of a usually crowded club. On this Friday, however, the place was 90% men and offered only a handful of attractive women. It worked in my favour though, as a very attractive young blonde approached me. I vaguely recognised her, but couldn’t put a name to her face.


Almost immediately, she leaned in close to talk and asked my name. “Are you blah blah’s boyfriend?” Taken back by the mentioning of my cheating ex-girlfriend, I then realized who this beautiful young woman was: my ex’s arch nemesis, Allie. You see, this pretty blonde had “stolen” my ex’s best friend, Jess, and turned her into some wild party animal, according to the ex. There was a passionate hatred between the two and it was all coming together. I had met Allie while she was out with Jess at a club many months ago; Allie interrupted a conversation between Jess and I, which resulted in me giving her a dirty look and telling her to “f*ck off”.

Allie remembered this encounter as she stared up to me and asked “why were you so mean to me when I met you?”. The words that left my mouth to answer her question blew my mind…as a newbie Red Pill patient, such harsh words were not common to use upon such a pretty girl. As our eyes met “I thought you were a bitch” was delivered in a calm, firm tone. Her reaction: she buys me a drink, apologized profusely, and toasts to a fresh start.


Allie invited me to the afterparty at a guy’s place. It was a dump and he followed her around like a lost puppy, blocking me at every opportunity. I managed to leave the house with the nickname “Dimples” and her phone number. We’ve been texting, but I haven’t managed to set a date up.


I do see, with the communication I’ve had with Allie, why my ex hates her: she’s a above average in all departments. Attractive, fit, following an awesome career, and is maintaining two jobs while in college; My ex couldn’t get her highschool diploma or hold down a job. What has attracted me the most about this young lady is her proper use of the English language in text and convo (emoticons, spelling errors, slang, and lazy writing turn me off).

The holy grail of revenge is in the scope and Jess, the former best friend, will at some point mention to my ex that Allie and I are talking. I want this so bad, but am not sure I have the skills yet. If you’ve got any advice as to how to get her out, feel free to comment.

Having a Sports Car Does Not Pick Up Girls


I must admit that I drive one of the hottest cars in my city.  It is unique, has a flashy colour, produces quite the rumble, and turns heads at every single intersection. My car is so sexy, in fact, that people take photos of themselves with it when it is parked while I run errands.

When I meet other men, they automatically assume that I “pick up” so many girls with it; I would like to remove the stigma attached to driving a hot car in the hopes that young men will realize a material item does no good to you during the initial pick up (yes, the car can help during a seduction period, but not to MEET girls).

I’ll tell you what a sports car is in terms of PUA: it is a Man Magnet. It does not matter if you have an exotic, muscle, classic, rat rod, hotrod, or super sportscar…men will constantly approach you. On top of that, they may linger for quite some time and unknowingly cock block you.

What you need to know is that the “douchebag” outside the club with the cool paint job, spinning rims, or loud sound system is unlikely to meet any new women, regardless of the make or model.

I’ll tell you why you should get a sports car: FOR YOUR PLEASURE. When I found out I was going to be a father while in my first year of college, I knew that the money I earned would no longer be the money I could spend. In an effort to satisfy my dreams while matching a crushing reality, I purchased a kit car and built it up in my garage over the next several years. Here are the true benefits to owning/restoring/maintaining a high end vehicle (none of which include picking up chicks):

You are doing something for yourself
You learn an incredible amount of info
Your hands-on skills increase
Your social network (with men) expands
You bond with your child(ren) while teaching them valuable skills
You always have an ESCAPE


The rewards you reap from having a sports car are unreal. Especially when you get your children involved; my daughter and i have enjoyed every aspect of my sportscar. From oil changes and break work to car shows and beach cruises, it brings us joy. But I will remind you again that your car has nothing to do with getting the girl. In the four years I’ve owned my car, not a single girl has banged me because I built, own, or drive it. Granted, surprising a girl on the second or third date is exciting when you nonchalantly arrive at her place in it, but don’t blame your 1997 Cavalier for an inability to pick up.

Women don’t care about what you have. Would you care if she owned a:
*Thousand pair of shoes?
*70″ inch television?
*Louis Vuitton purse?
*Swimming pool?
No. You wouldn’t give a flying fuck. All you care about is how much attraction exists. And that’s all she wants too.